Rogers hikes price for select wireless phone plans

Canadian telecom giant Rogers Communications Inc. has confirmed to CBC News its plan to increase the cost of certain wireless phone and internet plans. 

The price hikes, set to take effect in the coming weeks, will impact customers of Rogers and its subsidiary Fido. While the majority of customers may experience a moderate increase of under $7, some plans could see a higher rise of up to $9 per month. 

Notably, these adjustments apply only to customers without existing contracts. Those notified by Rogers can expect the new prices to reflect in bills issued after January 17.

Additionally, Bell is reportedly planning a similar move, with expectations of raising wireless phone plan prices in February. However, no official statement has been provided by Bell regarding the matter.

Rogers justified the price adjustments by emphasizing its commitment to delivering high-quality mobile and residential services. The company mentioned ongoing efforts to enhance its network infrastructure, expand coverage, and improve customer service tools. 

Furthermore, Rogers highlighted recent measures to make 5G services more accessible, including a $25 5G plan targeted at low-income customers and free 5G network access for existing 4G wireless customers.

These price hikes come following Rogers’ merger with Shaw Communications last year. Despite assurances from Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri at the time of the merger that prices would decrease for customers, the recent move to raise prices has sparked criticism. Industry analysts have attributed Canada’s high telecom bills to a lack of competition and regulatory barriers against foreign ownership in the telecom market.

The telecom sector in Canada has faced scrutiny, with consumers expressing frustration over limited choices. Critics argue that Canadians may explore alternative options, such as purchasing cell phones abroad, paying roaming fees, and obtaining international phone numbers to potentially save costs. 

The price increases also raise questions about the impact of the Rogers-Shaw merger on competition and affordability in the telecom industry.

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