Royal Canadian Mint Unveils 1st Coins Bearing King Charles’s Image 

Canada unveiled its first coins featuring the image of King Charles on Tuesday, coinciding with the monarch’s 75th birthday.

Since 1953, Queen Elizabeth II had been featured on Canadian coins, marking a historic shift in numismatic representation. 

The design by Canadian portrait artist Steven Rosati was chosen from submissions by 350 artists and sent to Buckingham Palace for approval. 

The Royal Canadian Mint showcased the new design that will replace Queen Elizabeth II’s image on all coins. 

The federal government had earlier directed the mint and the Bank of Canada to replace the late Queen’s image with that of King Charles III on coins and the $20 bill. 

While the coin design has been revealed, the new bill’s design process has started, with no precise timeline for its unveiling. 

The first King Charles III-effigy coins are set to circulate in early December, with coin exchanges at the mint’s boutiques later in the month. Existing coins with the Queen will still be considered in circulation.

Source: CBC News

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