Rural Home Heating Oil Exempt From Carbon Tax For 3 Years

The Canadian government, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has announced a temporary exemption from the carbon tax on home heating oil for a period of three years. 

Additionally, they plan to double the rural supplement in the rebate program and introduce new initiatives to assist rural Canadians in transitioning to electric heat pumps. 

This move is seen as an effort to align policies with environmental goals while supporting the well-being of Canadians. Although the exemption applies nationally, it is expected to particularly benefit Atlantic Canada, where a significant portion of homeowners still rely on furnace oil for heating.

Trudeau noted that feedback from Atlantic Canadians and their federal representatives influenced the decision to make adjustments to the pollution price to ensure it benefits everyone. 

The federal carbon tax is in effect in provinces and territories that lack sufficient carbon pricing systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The temporary exemption is intended to provide rural Canadians with more time to shift to alternative heating sources like electric heat pumps.

Source: CIBC News

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