Scott Max Business School Review: Is Their “Masters” Worth It? 

When it comes to advancing your career in the fast-evolving realm of digital marketing, choosing the right education is key to your long-term success.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make the right choice when there is insufficient information.

Scott Max Business School Masters in Digital Marketing has been in existence since 2021 and there has been no comprehensive review about it before now. 

Max Business School Masters in Digital Marketing Review

And when you search for a free Masters in Digital Marketing on Google,  you will almost always find the school at the top of search results, which may provide some credibility. But far from it. Not every search result you see on Google is reliable.

After an in-depth study of the content of the Max Business School Masters program and assessing the school and the community, I decided to provide this comprehensive Max Business School Masters in Digital Marketing review to help as many people who may be looking to enroll in the program.

At the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Who is Scott Max? 

Scott Max, whose full name is Scott Maximilan Kanacher is a Spanish writer and digital marketer that helps businesses improve their online business.

He launched the Masters in Digital Marketing & Business program in 2021 through Max Business School to teach others what “he would have needed when he started as a digital marketer in 2014.”

There’s little about the guy as of the time of writing this review. No information about his background, work experience, and education. All we know is that he’s a “founder”. 🤔

As such, we’re not sure if he’s really qualified to develop a course worth the tag “Masters”. 

About Max Business School

The Max Business School is an unaccredited and unrecognized online-only school that Scott Max established to teach students digital marketing and business.

According to Scott Max:

“The purpose of Max Business School is to make practical, effective education accessible for anyone to learn and empower themselves in their pursuit of freedom.”

The school claims that they are the “first Digital Business School to offer a Master in Digital Marketing and business completely for FREE.” 

Max Business School seeks to empower those who don’t have the financial capability to enroll in an accredited Masters in Digital Marketing degree.

The program is run completely online and over 300,000 students have enrolled. The school seeks to educate 1 million students by 2025. 

Max Free Masters in Digital Marketing & Business Review 

Scott Max’s free Masters in Digital Marketing & Business program is a certification program that seeks to teach students the key aspects of digital marketing through eight modules:

These modules are: 

    • Module 0: Getting Started 

    • Module 1: Building your Website

    • Module 2: SEO

    • Module 3: Web Analytics

    • Module 4: Email Marketing

    • Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • Module 6: Social Media Marketing

    • Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

Each module has a series of assignments that a student is required to take and submit “module by module” for assessment.  

Learning is conducted through a Skool app and students can interact with each other and tutors through a community connected with the app.

All you need to enroll in the program is Internet access. You will also need $35 for DreamHost’s annual hosting subscription for creating a new website.

The program doesn’t have a fixed completion duration as it depends on individual learning pace. However, students usually complete the program within 2-4 weeks on average.

Scott Max Business School Certificate 

You will receive a certificate of Masters in Digital Marketing & Business completion from Max Business School after meeting the following conditions:

    • Buy hosting from DreamHost using their referral link 

    • Complete and submit all assignments  

    • Request for graduation

Upon sending a graduation request, the school will review all your assignments and ensure that you use their DreamHost referral link to create a new website. 

Once you meet all the conditions, you will receive your certificate by email.

Below is a sample of Max Business School’s Masters in Digital Marketing & Business certificate.

As you can see, the certificate itself looks illegitimate as it’s something that anyone can design. One of the students perfectly outlines everything that’s wrong with the certificate 👇

Is Max Business School Free?

Yes and No. Yes because they don’t charge you any dime to enroll in their Masters in Digital Marketing & Business program.

No in the sense that you must sign up on DreamHost with their referral link before you can graduate.

They call it a “deal”👇

My concern is, if the school really wants to help the poor, why not help those who already have a website but need knowledge to improve their skills? Read it yourself 👇

Also, while DreamHost has its good sides, it’s not the best or the second-best web hosting provider in terms of service and cost. 

It goes without saying that Max Business School is just after earning commissions, not the success of students.

Is Max Business School Legit?

Max Business School is legit in the sense that it equips students with digital marketing skills almost for free. That’s the only good thing I can mention about the school.

The school attracts a lot of attention to its many loopholes. Its so-called “Masters” is not accredited or regulated by any recognized body and the certificate is a capital F.

It’s worth noting that Max Business School doesn’t offer a Masters degree but a completion certificate as their Partnerships Manager always tells students. Here’s one of his comments👇

But their adverts contradict their claim. Below is a screenshot of one of their Facebook adverts titled “FREE Digital Marketing & Business Master’s Degree”.

I can bet that a lot of people are falling into this because of the “Masters degree” claim not actually the content of the course. 

This raises the question, how many of the students that enrolled in the course are excelling in digital marketing?

Unfortunately, there’s no verifiable answer to this question. What’s verifiable is that some of the students are converted to Max Business School ambassadors after graduation. 

The logic is simple: More ambassadors = more students. More students = more …. You complete it 😀.

Below are some of their ambassadorial adverts on social media:

While there’s nothing bad in promoting the school, it’s worrisome seeing more of adverts instead of results boasting from the graduates. This challenges the effectiveness of the program.

Is Max Business School Worth It?

From the above review, Max Business School is not worth it for anyone looking for:

    • Legitimate certification in digital marketing

    • Cost-effective digital marketing education 

    • Best web hosting service  

There are countless free legitimate resources on Google and YouTube to learn every aspect of the Max Business School Masters program. I prefer not to mention any for personal reasons.  

In digital marketing, you don’t call yourself a “Master” by earning a certificate or degree in digital marketing alone. You’ll naturally earn the title when you master the process in practice.

If you are already a graduate of Max Business School, please don’t include the Masters certificate in your resume to avoid ruining your reputation. 

Scott Max Business School Complaints Reviewed

Below are some screenshots from the Max Business School community where students are complaining about different issues:

Hosting complaints

DreamHost is not available in all countries and doesn’t support many payment methods. This student was from an ineligible country and he couldn’t use his card to make payment for the DreamHost subscription. Read his complaint and the reply of the Max Business School Partnerships Manager 👇

The Partnerships Manager is indirectly saying that the complainant is disqualified from the Masters program as he can’t meet up with the DreamHost subscription. Remember, it’s all about the commission. 😀

Certificate complains

Students are really concerned about the quality of the Max Business School certificate which anyone can make. Read some of the complaints: 👇

Below is the response of the Partnerships Manager: 👇

What the Partnerships Manager meant is that recruiters have to visit Max Business School to verify the legitimacy of issued certificates by checking the activities of students in the community. Students who didn’t engage in the community don’t have a legitimate certificate even if they’re deemed to meet the conditions for the certificate. Oh my God! 🤔

One of the students, annoyed by the manager’s comment, hits back 👇

You get the gist 😀. Don’t waste your precious time!

I look forward to reading your comments. 


Some Max Business School students feel I’m trying to promote a particular course by flagging Max Business School’s “Masters” a scam. This was the reason why I didn’t recommend any alternative in the first place until some people started asking for alternatives. Consequently, I’m not recommending any alternative again to maintain my stance that Scott Max’s “Masters” is a scam.

So if you’re looking for an alternative, search on Google or contact me at

Before leaving, join our Masters in Digital Marketing Facebook group where I provide legit freebies, opportunities, and educational content on digital marketing.

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6 months ago

😀😀😀I laughed my ass out reading this review. What you said is nothing but the truth Paul, i almost fell for their trap of “Masters” degree just before I realized that the whole thing is fake. As you rightly said, they’re just after the referral bonus. Shit!

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