“School is a Place To Make People Dumber” — Self-Acclaimed Queen of Canada Converts A School To Private Property [Video] 

Romana Didulo, who’s parading herself as the Queen of Canada, is seen converting a school to private property, claiming that a school is a place to make people dumber.

Watch the video below which she posted on Facebook late at night.

Below is a rough transcript that accompanies the video:

“Right now we are, number 1: This property is private.

Number 2: The word school spelled backwards is ‘loochs’, which I think is a German word for making more fools. There the Kabbalah has always put it before We the People, simply using word games, foreign words. They have made children dumber. So, they intentionally put their children in this system, the old system to make them dumber.

We are covering this and as I said this is private property. And we want to make sure that people who pass by here understand that this is no longer a school, a place to make people dumber. Not anymore.”

Last weekend I reported how she threatened a village in Sask with public executions. Click on the attached link to learn more.

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