Self-Proclaimed ‘Queen of Canada’ Cult Threatens Saskatchewan Village With Public Executions 

According to yesterday’s report by CBC News, a group of extremist cult members led by Romana Didulo, who has declared herself the “Queen of Canada,” have set up camp in Richmound, Saskatchewan. 

The cult has called for public executions of elected officials and other members in and around the community. The group has been travelling around the country for some time and was forced out of Kamsack, Saskatchewan, by the townspeople. 

Queen of Canada

Romana Didulo | SooToday

They have been staying at the former Richmound School after being invited by the property owner. The village residents do not feel safe with them there and have protested with signs and honking their horns to call for the cult to leave. 

On Monday, followers of Didulo sent village administration at least four “cease and desist” emails, accusing them of corruption, bullying, and stalking, and calling these behaviours “dangerous,” “illegal” and “immoral.” The RCMP is increasing police presence in Richmound.

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Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago

Is this the beginning of a dangerous new trend ?