Should Alberta Be Allowed To Exit CPP & Form its Own Pension?

We all know that Alberta is striking again to quit the national pension plan (CPP) and create its own pension like Quebec’s QPP.  

The basis for the Alberta government’s decision is that Albertans contribute more than they receive from the CPP. 

Evidently, Albertans’ assets on CPP are worth $334 billion which is over half of the CPP total assets at $570 billion.

Alberta vs CPO

The major implication of allowing such to happen is that it will “greatly diminish the retirement safety net for the rest of Canada (except Québec…) and could result in higher pension contributions for non-Albertans”, The Peak established.

A lot of people don’t seem to agree with the Alberta Pension Plan (APP?) idea, including some Albertans.

I don’t think it should be allowed as others may sort for the same in the future, undermining the vision of Canada’s national pension plan. 

Alberta wants to run a referendum to assess majority opinion. But I think the issue concerns us all, not only Albertans.

What’s your position?

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Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago

It’s actually built into the plan that any province can exit the plan at any time . The problem is that Alberta seems to believe that they are due 53% but they contribute 16% .

Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago
Reply to  Paul

The CPP fund is managed by a separate group of people not associated with the government . It’s the CPPIB ( Canada pension plan investment board ) and the fund has been rated as excellently managed with a top rating for the category

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