Should Those Who Didn’t Observe National Day For Truth and Reconciliation Enjoy The Public Holiday on October 2?

Yesterday was National Day For Truth And Reconciliation. Not everyone observed it for various reasons. 

Most of those who didn’t honour the day don’t believe there’s a need for reconciliation, claiming there’s no evidence to back the residential school tragedy. 

But there’s a public holiday coming tomorrow in honour of the day.

I’m wondering, is it moral for those who didn’t observe the Truth and

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7 months ago

The decision of whether to observe a public holiday, such as the one tomorrow, is ultimately a personal one.

People may have varying perspectives on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada.

Some may choose not to observe the day because they have reservations about the concept of reconciliation or disagree with the way it is being addressed. 

Others might feel that observing the holiday is a way to recognize the historical injustices faced by Indigenous communities and show solidarity with efforts to promote understanding and healing.

Moral considerations can differ greatly among individuals, and what one person believes to be morally right, another may see differently.