Canadian Soldiers Sue Military Over COVID-19 Policies and Vaccine-Related Injuries 

A group of 128 current and former Canadian military members has filed a lawsuit against the top leadership of the Canadian military and the Department of National Defence, alleging abuse of power and charter rights violations related to COVID-19 policies. 

They claim they were coerced into taking COVID-19 vaccines due to a mandate by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Some refused the vaccine and were expelled from the military, while others who complied alleged suffering severe adverse effects.

The lawsuit accuses the CAF of ignoring established laws regarding privacy, informed consent, and the right to choose medical treatment. Alleged infractions also include allowing the physical and psychological mistreatment of members by CAF commissioned officers, including soldiers being told to stay in cold tents and denied heating unless they got vaccinated. Some plaintiffs allege being told they should be “shot and killed” if they did not take the injections.

The lawsuit’s defendants include former defence minister Anita Anand, former deputy minister of defence Jody Thomas, Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre, and others. It argues that the CAF “rushed an untested product onto its members,” knowingly made false safety and efficacy statements, and offered no option to refuse except for mandatory permanent removal from service.

While the lawsuit lists various adverse effects suffered by plaintiffs who complied with the vaccine mandate, it also points out that COVID-19 poses a low risk for healthy young adults, while some vaccines, including the Moderna vaccine used for most CAF members, have been associated with rare side effects like heart inflammation.

The defendants have yet to file a statement of defence, but a similar lawsuit filed in June faced a response calling it “scandalous, frivolous, and vexatious.” The suit seeks declarations that the defendants breached public trust and caused harm to the plaintiffs and requests damages for alleged violations of the National Defence Act and charter rights.

The group that brought this suit isn’t the first to challenge COVID-19 mandates. Several other cases worldwide have raised questions about the legality and ethics of vaccine mandates, with differing outcomes based on jurisdiction and legal precedent.

Please note that the article you provided contains a mix of both American and Canadian English spellings and terms, which is why my response may include some American English spellings.

Source: The Epoch Times 

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