The Deadly Cost of Not Making Timely Decisions – A Canadian shares a real life example

I saw this post somewhere on Facebook and decided to share it with you guys.


“There lived a woman called Cathy in Hamilton, Ontario, with her Son  Eric. They were Canadian citizens. Cathy was a kind and gentle soul, loved by everyone in the community. She always had a smile on her face and a kind word for anyone who needed it. She was a fulfilled person, having migrated from Africa to live with her son. 

Five months to her 80th birthday,  her son Eric was prompted by a family friend and an insurance advisor as to the importance of having funeral expenses insurance for the aged mother. However, one thing he had neglected to do was to make decisions about his mum funeral expenses insurance. Although he had thought about it in passing, he kept pushing it off, thinking he had plenty of time to make those arrangements. 

Unfortunately, life had other plans. After several efforts to convince Eric to put a final expense insurance for his mother, he grudgingly agreed to put in the application on the eve of his mum’s 80th birthday. At this time, most insurance providers could no longer accept the application. Eventually, Eric agreed, and the insurance broker went to meet the family at 11.30 pm. in the night so that the broker could submit the application on her birthday. Incidentally, she had retired to bed, and Eric felt there was no need to wake his mother. Eric signed the form as the policy owner, but the insured did not sign her part. The application was submitted by the insurance broker, but going through the underwriting procedure,  it was found that the insured had not signed, but the application was returned.

By this time, the insurance broker traveled outside the country for an urgent family matters and came back 3 weeks after. There was no way he could ask the insured to sign because the insurance provider could only accept paper applications.

Just  less than a month before Cathy’s policy was set to take effect, she peacefully passed away in her sleep. Her sudden departure left her family and friends devastated, not only because they had lost such a beloved individual, but also because they discovered that she hadn’t finalized her funeral arrangements or secured the necessary insurance coverage. If only the insurance policy had been put in force or the decision to have a funeral expense insurance  done earlier, Eric could have collected $20,000 funeral expenses  coverage. Though this might not be substantial but it would be more than enough to take the mum back to Africa to give her a befitting burial.

Now, the family had to have a recourse to Gofundme account  so that they can at least bury their dead.

From this experience, Cathy’s family and friends realized the importance of making timely decisions, ensuring their own arrangements were in order. They committed to taking action and spreading awareness to prevent others from experiencing similar difficulties in the future.”



John Oni


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