This Canadian Saves $300/Month By Buying All Her Groceries Across The US Border

Brandi Dustin, a resident of Roosville, B.C., saves about $300 a month by doing all her grocery shopping in the United States. 

Brandi Dustin with her US groceries | CBC Radio 

She lives just 15 minutes away from a supermarket in Eureka, Mont. and even with the weak Canadian dollar and the gas she spends crossing the border twice a week, she still saves money. 

Bread, fruit and vegetables are about the same price as in Canada, but milk, cheese, butter and meat are much cheaper in the US. 

CBC Radio observed that lower wages and high competition keep American food prices low. 

Canadian food economist Mike von Massow says there’s no single reason why groceries are cheaper in the US, but in his opinion, the big reason is the difference in wages.

Listen to Dustin speaks on Canadian shopping in the us.

@kade1613 I've headed down to the US for another grocery shop and saved more money again!!! Yes I have travel insurance, there are no tolls at my border, it usually takes me less than 5 minutes to cross on each side of the border so I save time, it only costs me $10 Canadian in gas and yes I fill up my gas tank when I'm there. #savings #groceryprices #putmoneybackinourpockets #corprategreed #savecanada #canadiansaresuffering #pierrepolievreforprimeminister #savingmoney #doingwhaticanformyfamily #groceryshopping #grocery #grocerygreed #usgrocer #feedingmyfamily #savinganywayican ♬ original sound – Brandi Dustin

Source: CBC Radio

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