Trudeau Bans Prayer For Fallen Soldiers on Remembrance Day

On this year’s Remembrance Day which falls on Saturday, November 11, Canadians would start observing the day without prayers to the fallen soldiers.

In a recent directive issued by the military to its chaplain service, The Epoch Times observed that: 

“While the dimension of prayer may occupy a significant place for some of our members, we do not all pray in the same way; for some, prayer does not play a role in their lives,” 

“Therefore, it is essential for chaplains to adopt a sensitive and inclusive approach when publicly addressing military members,” 

In practice, this entails that chaplains, often referred to as padres within the ranks, are prohibited from reciting Bible verses or invoking God during ceremonies and public events. Instead, their “spiritual reflection” must adopt an inclusive approach, respecting the religious and spiritual diversity within Canada.

This directive is part of a broader cultural transformation within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) initiated by the Liberal government. The aim is to embed principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the heart of the organization.

Regarding public reflections, chaplains are instructed to select their words carefully to ensure inclusivity and to use language that aligns with Gender-Based Analysis (GBA+), effectively preventing references to a “Heavenly Father.”

In addition to language regulations, the directive also mandates the removal of traditional religious scarves that chaplains wear, each featuring the emblem of their respective faiths, such as a cross for Christian chaplains, a Star of David for Jewish chaplains, and a crescent for Muslim chaplains, among others.

The directive emphasizes that chaplains should consider the potential discomfort or emotional distress that certain symbols or items might cause when choosing their attire for public occasions. Consequently, the Faith Tradition crests will be replaced by the crest of the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service (RCChS).

This decision follows the release of a report by the Minister of National Defence Advisory Panel on Systemic Racism and Discrimination in January 2022, which included criticism of religion in a general context.

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7 months ago

Holy shit. When Muslims are kneeling praying across several Metropolitan cities? They can pray for their soldiers but we can’t pray in remembrance of our fallen veterans .