“Childish & Unprofessional Behaviour” — Trudeau Criticized For Sticking His Tongue Out & Winking at Parliament [Video] 

The visuals show the Canadian PM winking at the new House of Commons Speaker earlier this week. 

Greg Fergus was elected on Tuesday as the new Speaker after Anthony Rota resigned for honouring an ex-Nazi veteran.

The incident unfolded when Fergus introduced Trudeau as the ‘Honourable Prime Minister.’ Trudeau responded with a playful remark, humorously referring to himself as ‘very honourable.’ Additionally, he stuck his tongue out and winked at the Speaker.

This conduct didn’t go down well with many Canadians who see it as childish and unprofessional behaviour.

Watch and have your say:

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7 months ago

That’s immature of him😂😂😂

Don Fitzgibbon
7 months ago

This describes perfectly the state of politics in Canada and indeed the developed world . People vote this way or that not because of political knowledge but because it’s a popularity contest . I don’t like his socks or he looks great now that he wears a tee shirt and no glasses are now primary descriptors of how we choose politicians . Not one person in twenty knows or cares about real issues but an advertising campaign swings their vote . Ridiculous . I’m at the point where going out to vote seems like a useless exercise and I might stay home and watch cartoons rather than wasting my time against totally uninformed people