Trudeau to Cut $500 Million in Government Spending as Ukraine Aid Hits $9.5 Billion 

Justin Trudeau’s government has disclosed its plan to cut $500 million in spending, affecting various departments and agencies. 

While certain entities like the Canadian Space Agency and the Invest in Canada Hub face budget freezes, 61 departments remain untouched. 

Notably, exclusions were made for agents of Parliament and small organizations with budgets below $25 million, although several unlisted entities, such as the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, have budgets exceeding this threshold.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cost-cutting initiative targets diverse areas. National museums like the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are experiencing a 0.2% budget freeze, yet the National Museum of Science and Technology, with a $39.5 million annual budget, remains unaffected. 

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s commitment to reducing government spending by $15.4 billion over five years is reflected in the cuts, with the Department of National Defence facing the largest reduction of $211.1 million.

The impact of these cuts varies among departments, as ministers were given flexibility in implementing reductions across portfolios. Treasury Board President Anita Anand emphasized that the current cuts are the initial phase, with future iterations addressing different aspects of spending. 

Below is how the various government departments were affected by the cut.

The government aims to curtail spending on professional services, travel, operations, and transfer payments. In this round, $350 million of the cuts target outsourcing and contractors, while travel costs are expected to decrease by $150 million. 

The government’s broader plan aims for a $7.1 billion reduction in professional services and travel expenses and a $7 billion decrease in operations and transfer payments over the next five years. These measures are part of a broader initiative to review and streamline government expenditures.

Source: CBC News 

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