JUST IN: Trudeau Finally Apologized over the Honour of Ukrainian Nazi— Case Closed?

Following the double apologies of former House Speaker Anthony Rota over his honouring of Huka who fought alongside Nazis during WW2, many have been asking the Prime Minister to also apologize.

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Among those who have been on the neck of the PM to apologize is the Leader of the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre.

Bowing to pressure, Trudeau today (Wednesday) apologized on behalf of Canada over the embarrassing incident. To the Ukrainian President who was present during the incident, Trudeau said  “Canada is deeply sorry”.

In a report observed by CBC News, Trudeau said

“All of us who were in this House on Friday regret deeply having stood and clapped even though we did so unaware of the context”. 

Is this enough to close the case? You say it.

 Source: CBC News

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7 months ago

You and I know that this case will never close , Hope😁. It would be at the center of the Conservative campaign for decades. The international embarrassment? I doubt if this will erase it.

7 months ago
Reply to  Hope

We’re in interesting times, nothing surprising anymore.