Trudeau Spends Nearly 2 Years on Personal Days Since Becoming Prime Minister — National Post

In a special news article published at National Post today, it was reported that since taking office in 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spent 680personal” days, equivalent to 22 months or nearly two years, as per an analysis of his public itineraries. 

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has defended this by stating that the demands of the job often mean Trudeau is still working on days marked as personal. 

The total includes vacation days during holidays, summer breaks, weekends, and brief out-of-town trips. Notable among them are trips to Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, where a visit to the Aga Khan’s private island breached conflict-of-interest rules.

Trudeau has spent a significant amount of personal time holidaying in various locations in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada. The majority of these personal days, 68%, were taken on weekends in the National Capital Region. 

While his personal day rate is 24%, below the average Canadian worker’s days off, the PMO emphasizes that Trudeau often works on days marked as personal, especially during crises such as the Middle East conflict, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

Despite this, the PMO publishes Trudeau’s itineraries for transparency, and his personal day rate doesn’t include campaign days for re-election.

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6 months ago

Nothing surprises me anyone about this dude. I have my expectations lowered long before now.