FACT-CHECK: Is Trudeau Right That Over 80% of Canadians Chose to Get Vaccinated?

Trudeau is once again under attack for claiming that over 80% of Canadians choose to get vaccinated during the pandemic.

He made the claim as a rebuttal to conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s motion that vaccine  should not be compulsory. 


But is the PM right or wrong?

A fact-check shows that the majority of Canadians support the vaccination mandate as per the Ipsos poll in 2021.

Verdict: The PM is right to state that the majority of Canadians chose to get vaccinated. However, his “over 80%” claim is generalized because not every party voted up to 80% in the listed categories.

However, given the increasing awareness of the limitations of COVID vaccines, the above data can’t be rely upon today.

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