TVO Employees Resume Work Monday Following Long Strike 

After an 11-week strike that began in late August, employees at Ontario’s public broadcaster, TVO, are set to return to work on Monday. 

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG), representing TVO’s workers, voted to accept the broadcaster’s offer, which includes a 7.7% wage increase spread over three years. 

While the wage increase is below the inflation rate, the union members felt they couldn’t hold out for a better deal in their fight against the provincial government. The accepted offer involves a 3% increase in the first year, a 2.75% increase in the second year, and a 1.75% increase in the final year.

TVO Employees Strike

Meredith Martin, TVO’s CMG branch president, expressed her pride in the accomplishments of the strike, despite not achieving the wage gains they had hoped for. 

However, she remains concerned about the future of journalism at TVO, fearing potential cuts. In a significant development, voluntary buyouts will be offered to many employees, which Martin views as a substantial economic gain. The new agreement also includes a $500 annual training allowance for each worker.

The strike was a response to a decade of below-inflation wage increases and a one-percent cap on salary increases imposed by Ontario’s Bill 124, which was deemed unconstitutional but remains under appeal. TVO’s CEO, Jeffrey L. Orridge, welcomed the end of the strike. TVO’s CMG unit represents approximately 70 journalists, producers, and education workers.

Source: CBC News

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