What does Alberta’s CPP exit mean to the rest of us?

As the title says. I’m just curious to know if there’s any major implication. 


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Don Fitzgibbon
6 months ago

The amount that would be negotiated by Alberta to withdraw from the fund would define what the rest of us would have to work with and at present the amount claimed by Alberta is ridiculously over inflated at 53 % . We’re that to be the case tge cpp fund would be crippled but the cpp investment board says the number is 16 % which would be survivable . Basically I think Smith is trying to cause as many problems as she can with her hatred of the Eastern Canada . If the split happens I believe the money would be invested in the tarsands projects and would be risky as any wild bet could be but that’s
Alberta’s problem .

6 months ago

Two possible implications for the rest of Canada excluding Québec: 1) It could limit our retirement safety.  2) It could result in higher contributions. However, these are just temporary implications. CPP could adjust itself in the long run.

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