What is Lincoln Alexander Known For? 

On Sunday, a striking bust of Lincoln Alexander, former Ontario’s member of Parliament and lieutenant governor, was unveiled at Queen’s Park.  

Lincoln Alexander's Bust
Lincoln Alexander’s Bust | CBC News

This significant event marks the installation of the first statue of a Black politician in the Ontario Legislature.  

What is Lincoln Alexander Known For?

Lincoln Alexander, born in Toronto, made history by representing a Hamilton riding as an MP for 12 years from 1968 to 1980. 

Lincoln Alexander
Lincoln Alexander | Black History Ottawa

As the first Black member of Canada’s Parliament and the first Black person to hold the position of lieutenant governor in Ontario, Alexander left an indelible mark on the nation. 

Below are some of his major accomplishments:

  • Political Trailblazer: Alexander served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for a span of 12 years, representing a Hamilton riding from 1968 to 1980. His tenure marked a significant breakthrough, making him a trailblazer for Black representation in Canadian politics.
  • Lieutenant Governor of Ontario: In 1985, Lincoln Alexander shattered another racial barrier by becoming the lieutenant governor of Ontario. This historic appointment not only exemplified his personal achievements but also symbolized progress toward greater inclusivity in Canada’s political landscape.
  • Advocate for Education: During his 16-year term as the chancellor of the University of Guelph, Alexander emerged as a staunch advocate for education. His dedication to fostering learning environments and supporting academic pursuits reflected his commitment to the betterment of future generations.
  • Military Service:* Alexander’s legacy extends to his contributions as a war veteran. His military service, coupled with his later accomplishments, showcased his multifaceted commitment to public service and the well-being of his country.

Lincoln Alexander’s journey serves as an inspirational narrative of breaking barriers, achieving milestones, and advocating for positive change. 

His legacy continues to resonate, shaping perceptions of leadership, representation, and dedication to community service in Canada.

Lincoln Alexander, a revered figure, passed away in 2012 at the age of 90. Recognizing his immense contributions, the province proclaimed January 21 as “Lincoln Alexander Day” in 2013, a designation later acknowledged nationwide in 2015.

VerCetty’s Artistic Tribute and Afrofuturism Influence

The bust, crafted in the genre of “Afrofuturism” by Quentin VerCetty, encapsulates Alexander’s multifaceted life. Afrofuturism, blending history, science fiction, and fantasy, aims to narrate the stories of Black communities. 

Source: CityNews

BerCetty’s creation integrates elements from various phases of Alexander’s life, creating a narrative that goes beyond traditional representation. Interestingly, the sculpture subtly pays homage to Alexander’s affinity for Star Wars, a detail gleaned from conversations with his family.

VerCetty, reflecting on his own encounter with Alexander during his high school days, expressed how the late politician’s encouragement left a lasting impact, inspiring VerCetty to overcome challenges and pursue academic success.

Source: CityNews

Ultimately, this artistic tribute serves not only as a representation of a historical figure but also as a source of inspiration for individuals to reflect on their potential and strive for greatness. The convergence of art, history, and futurism in this bust captures the essence of Lincoln Alexander’s enduring legacy.

Learn more about him on: CBC News and Wikipedia 

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