“You Think You’re Better Than Me?!” — Conservatives New Campaign Slogan

The Conservative Party of Canada has unveiled its campaign slogan for the upcoming election:  “You think you’re better than me?!” 

Party leader Pierre Poilievre said that this slogan reflects the current state of Conservative politics, even though it may come across as angry and grammatically flawed.

The slogan was chosen over other options like “we’ll buy you a house (don’t ask how),”Triggered much?!” and one emphasizing nostalgia for a better past. 

Some supporters appreciate the chosen slogan for its simplicity and relatability, even if it carries a confrontational tone.

With the exception of the Liberals, other parties have also announced their campaign slogan. 

  • NDP: “we’re here too.”
  • Green Party:  “climate change will kill us all. But it might do it slower if you vote Green.” 

Source: The Beaverton 

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