Lead Plaintiff Against Canadian Freedom Convoy Leaves Court in Tears After Contradictory Testimony

Zexi Li, an Ottawa resident, appeared as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of Freedom Convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber. 

Zexi Li
Zexi Li

The two defendants face charges of mischief, counseling others to commit mischief, intimidation, and obstructing police in connection with the Freedom Convoy protest that took place in Ottawa in 2022. Zexi Li’s testimony contradicted her previous statements in several instances.

During her appearance, Li faced tough cross-examination, with her credibility being scrutinized. Defense counsel Diane Magas objected to Li’s continuous use of the word “occupation” to describe the protest, stating that it was provocative and irritating.

Li’s testimony mainly focused on the disruption caused by the honking from the trucks participating in the Convoy, which she described as ongoing for most of the day, making it difficult for her to live a normal life. She also alleged that a truck associated with the Convoy backed into her during an altercation, although she later admitted there was no physical contact, as she had moved out of the way.

One key point of contention was whether Li had discussed her testimony with her lawyer during the lunch break, which could be a violation of court orders. Li left the courtroom in tears after this questioning.

The trial of Lich and Barber is ongoing, and the witnesses’ credibility and consistency in their statements are crucial elements in the case.

This trial is part of the legal aftermath of the Freedom Convoy protest, which took place in Ottawa and sparked significant controversy in Canada in 2022.

 Source: The Post Millennia

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